patteren | magnificat | diaries
magnificat | a pattern of disparate themes : magnificat secrets : the temple of cathedron : hypermnesic recollections : charta danteum : shellac, myth, poems by tsai : the adventures of timsh in braelig
cathedron | aigil the archer : temple of beatrice rex : elevations of the west facade, portal of the northern transept : entablature, petals, stelae, pièta, rose windows, feline decorum and composite marginalia : doria and ionia : nefertiti, madonna, magnifi-sphynx
myth | all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind : deconstructive illustrations : myth text
adventures of timsh | timsh was exiled from his homeland and sent to the land of braelig.  when he arrived in braelig, which was a bleak and barren landscape, ...
danteum | charta : illustrations based on blake and doré : dante text